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Alan Tanner

Alan Tanner #18

Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 195
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Position: Outfield, Utility
Teams: Fencebrokers/Miken/Worth 50 Major Plus & Bassett Audio/Team 1 Sports FHC
Bat of Choice:
Worth AT18 27 ounce
Team Accomplishments:
49 Tournament wins, 8 National Championships
Individual Accomplishments:
36 All Tournament awards, 3-MVP’s, 1 Defensive MVP

Make sure your eyes and your head stay on the ball all the way through contact.

Alan Tanner is known for both his defensive and offensive capabilities. He is very proficient at hitting both for a High Average and for Home run power.


Mike Brock #44

Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 188lbs.
Bat: R & L
Throw: R
Position: SS

Current Team:
Kelleher/LeMay/Blue Mountain 55 Major Plus
Bat of choice:
Mike Ultra Fusion Balanced 27oz. ( Mike Dill ).

 Team Championships:
8 Tournament wins

Individual Awards:
3 All Tournament and 1 MVP Selection

Mike Brock has developed into a tremendous defensive and offensive player in the 55 Major Plus division. His athleticism stands out along with his power hitting capabilities. His versatility lets him be a defensive force anywhere he plays in the infield.

Mike Dill

Mike Dill #22

Hometown: Harrington, Delaware
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 240 lbs
Bat: Right
Throw: Right
Position: OF

Current team:
50 MP: FBI/Worth/Miken; 40 MP: Spirits West/SMC
Bat of choice and weight: Miken Ultra Fusion Balanced Senior Bat (27 oz.)

Senior National Championships: 13
Individual Awards: 16 All Tournament and 3 MVP Awards

Be prepared and have a game plan.

Mike Dill is one of the best all around hitters in the game. He is adept at keeping the ball in the ballpark when a home run isn’t required but has consistent power to all fields that delivers the long ball when needed. Mike played many years and has won numerous awards and batting titles in USSSA Softball before beginning his career as a Senior player.


Tom Langenhorst

Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 300
Bats: L
Throws: L
Teams: Nor Cal Crush/Miken 55 M+,
All World Hustle 50 M+, All World Hustle 40 M

Bat of Choice:
28oz J Bailey/28oz Big Cat
Idea bat 12 or 12.3 barrel 1oz endload

17 years senior softball
11 winter/spring worlds SSUSA
3 SSUSA main worlds
1 ASA 40 World

3-time ASA all American
1 ASA world batting champ 905
1 ASA HR champ 14

22 SSUSA all tournament

1 USSSA 40 all world
1 USSSA HR champ 12

Now that most games are played with a 1 n 1 count be more aggressive don’t fall behind the pitcher. On the first pitch look for your pitch to do what you want to do. If the pitcher gets that first strike on you with already a 1 n 1 now keep in your mind open to use the whole field go with the pitch hit it where it should go you will be a lot more successful…
Tom Langenhorst has been a prolific power hitter for a majority of his softball career. What surprises many people is his skill at moving the ball all over the park WITHOUT hitting home runs which is very important in HR limited situations. Tom is a knowledgeable “gentle giant” who is very approachable on and off the field.

William Murphy

Kirby Murphy

Hometown: Pascoag, Rhode Island
Height 6′ 1″
Weight: 245
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Position: Utility Player
Current Team: Team USA 55 Major Plus
Bat of Choice: His Signature Bat, Miken Mag7 26 Ounce

Team Championships: 8 Time National Champion
Individual Awards: 9 Senior All Tournament Awards,
MVP of The Tournament of Champions, 2-Time Spa HR Champion

Kirbys personal hitting tip: “Wherever you go, go hard!!”

Kirby Murphy has developed into one of the most feared power hitters in the game. He has stadium power on any field that he plays on. Kirby proudly served in the United States Marines and is also a member of the New England and Rhode Island Hall of Fame.

Bob Obrien

Bob O’Brien

Height: 6’3″
Bat: Right Throw Right
Bobs hometown is in Ft. Pierce, Florida
Current Teams: Fence Brokers Inc/Miken/Worth, 50 Major Plus; RBC/Miken/Worth 55 Major Plus; Bassett Audio/Team 1 Sports, Florida Half Century
Bat of Choice: Worth Marauder, 26oz
Started playing Senior Softball in 2015 with Team1 Sports, 2017 Began playing with Team Kitty/FBI, 2020 Played with RBC/Miken/Worth. Have played with Bassett Audio/Team1 Sports since 2015

Team Accomplishments:
Over 30 Tournament wins and 8 National Championships
Individual Awards: 14 All Tournament Awards and 7 MVP SELECTIONS

Coach Bob O’Brien’s tips:
1. Find a bat that you are comfortable with and stick with it
2. Get a good pitch to drive “All pitches are hittable, not all pitches are drivable”
3. Concentrate and focus on the bottom of the ball, in order to get it in the air. Make the outfielders get you out.

Defensive Tips:
1. Make the routine plays, don’t try and do too much

Veronica “Vee” Shaw #22

Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Height: 5’6″
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Position: Right Field / Utility Player
Current Team: Kryptonite 45 Major moving to 50 Major in 2021
Bat of Choice: Worth AT18 & Miken Mag7 in 26 ounce

Team Championships:
53 tournaments won over a 10-12  year span with Kryptonite including 29 National Titles

Individual Awards: 15 Senior All Tournament Awards and 1 MVP Award

Vee’s Personal Hitting Tip: Video some of your BP sessions so that you can be sure you are hitting strikes and work with a hitting coach to work on the technical aspects of your swing.

Veronica has enjoyed an almost 20-year career playing with a core group of ladies that have been known for the last 9-10 years as KRYPTONITE. It’s a real rarity in slow pitch softball to have the kind of long term success that she has had with this group. Veronica is known for her consistent ability to move the ball around the field taking advantage of defenses. She can play all of the outfield positions with equal ability and controls baserunners by getting the ball in quickly.


Brad Stillwell #2

Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Bat – Right
Throw – Right
Position -Shortstop
Teams: Fencebrokers Miken/Worth 50 Major Plus
Bat of Choice: MIKEN Mike Dill balanced 27
50 and over – Team Kitty/Fencebrokers Worth
Team Accomplishments: 14 Tournament wins 8 National Championships
Individual Accomplishments: 10 All Tournament awards, 2 MVP, & 1 Defensive MVP

Fielding short tip – Wall ball and long throws to keep my arm strong
Hitting tips – Get a bat that you can control and put cones on the infield and hit between them and play a simulated game to see how last inning games you win. Then to help with power cut the ball and extend through for good spin.

Chris Walker

Chris Walker

Hometown: Bryant, Arkansas
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 240
Bats: Left
Throws: Left
Position: 1st Base
Current Team: Fencebrokers Miken/Worth 50 Major Plus
Bat of Choice: His signature bat, Worth Marauder 27 ounce

Team Championships: 15 Senior National Championships
Individual Awards:: 11 Senior All Tournament/All American Awards

“Don’t overswing the bat to the point where it hampers your technique.”

Personal Hitting Tip
There isn’t enough room to write a fair analysis of Mr. Walkers softball career as a Major player and tremendous sponsor and supporter of slow pitch softball. His Fencebrokers teams have won at virtually every level of USSSA and ASA play over the years and now that he has moved on to Senior Softball his current Fencebrokers/Miken/Worth team is amongst the best in the country at 50 Major Plus. Chris is already in the Arkansas Hall of Fame as a player and a sponsor as well as being in the USSSA Hall of Fame as a sponsor. He received the coveted USSSA Conference Award of Merit in 2015. Chris is equally adept at hitting the ball to all fields and also possess true stadium home run power.