Team 1 Sports has been providing knowledgeable and expert coaching and consulting services to beginner athletes all the way through to professionals for over 15 years. We work with personal fitness clients, triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, runners, and softball and baseball players. Our products and services will help you achieve your highest fitness and performance levels in the sports of your choice. Team 1 Sports has assembled the very best in products and product suppliers in order to assist athletes and supply them quality equipment for the sport of their choice.

We firmly believe in testing and trying out as many products as I can so that t I can provide every client with experienced and professional assistance when helping them choose the best fit for them. Rest assured that if you see a product on this website it is because I have personally used and or tested it and believe in its usefulness to my athletes. If you call with a question or for assistance in selecting something, you will be given expert advice based on real life testing and my own personal use of the products. Whether it’s to elevate your softball game or trying to win your age group in a race, Team 1 Sports has what you need to take it to the next level.

Alan Tanner has been a professional fitness consultant, softball and baseball l player, competitive Iron man triathlete and marathoner for many years. He has won numerous All-American awards, National and World Championships, and individual awards at the highest levels of Professional Softball, baseball, triathlon, and marathon. He was one of only two players signed out of slow pitch softball by the Cincinnati Reds during the 1994 strike season. He immediately made the major league roster and played there until the strike was settled and then he returned to slow pitch softball playing for some of the best teams in the country. He has been a sports product design and testing consultant for many major companies for a number of years and draws on those experiences to help his athletes with their equipment needs. Competing and finishing over 100 triathlons and many full Iron man races gives him hours and hours of invaluable training and racing experiences that every athlete can draw from.